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Mortgage Loans

Bank Statement Deposits Count as Qualifying Income.

No Tax Returns, No Pay Stubs, No W-2’s.

Not Enough Income On Your Tax Returns?

Qualify using business or personal bank deposits for self-employed borrowers.


Introducing the Bank

Statement Loan!

Checkout some highlights of the program.

Up to 90% LTV

Conventional Mortgages up to 90% loan to value.  To qualify, use cash flow in your bank account instead of your net income on your tax returns.

Simpler Credit Guidelines

Our requirements are straightforward and affordable.  We may accept your recent bankruptcies, short sales, and foreclosures.  We can recognize your bank statement deposits as income.

Cash Out Refinances

We offer cash out refinance options with as much as 90% loan to value and waive the requirement for mortgage insurance.

Short Closing Duration

Our closings are done as early as 30 days or less from the date of underwriting submission.

Varying Occupancy Types

We not only offer primary residences, but also mortgages for clients interested in second homes for only 3% down.

Liquid Assets Acceptable

From bank accounts to brokerage accounts and 401(k), we accept liquid assets as income during the process of qualification.


Committed to Assisting More Qualified Conventional Loan Borrowers.

Not all borrowers meet the qualifying criteria for Conventional mortgages. In many cases, self-employed individuals have been disqualified from accessing conventional mortgages due to the net income shown on their tax returns. However, we have the ability to use deposits into business or personal bank accounts as income, without requiring tax returns.



Your Liquid Assets 

Count for Qualification

To permit “asset depletion”, we have designed a formula that works by recognizing the liquid assets of a borrower as qualifying income.  Furthermore, we do not wait for your documented tax returns, employment or income, before granting conventional loans. Our only prerequisite is having enough in the stocks, bank, and retirement accounts that can cover the loan.

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